Our Work(West Bengal,Odisha & South India)

We as a teams work up to 50kms radius from Krishnagar (Nadia) and also in some villages of south 24-parganas in West Bengal & South India(Bandipur National Park). Dishari's team members are associated with the following work units.

1.Social Welfare

Our welfare team comprises of seven trained members who go to the interior parts of village and make free camps for young generation of Tribal community and General village people, especially who are interested about music, drama, exercise and first-aid. Volunteers from Dishari bring in awareness about education, health, social security and many more. We work with people with diverse background and with different religious believes.

2. Knowledge Hub

In our knowledge hub we have handicrafts team which is comprise of ten women specialised in stitching. They make traditional sari, hand bags, dresses for men and women and others. A group of people also prepare jewellery mainly the famous clay one and other team members are expert in pottery, gardening, food preparing etc.

Educational team members take care of student's education. We also organise adult education for our artists.
Health team comprises of doctors and volunteers from local area. We organise health check-up camp for our residents and also for the villagers.
Event team members organise cultural workshops and also arrange regular sessions on cultural activities.

Shilpa Bhawan

3. Handicrafts  

We have a well Welfare Team comprises of seven members who go to the interior parts of village and make free camps for young generation and village people, who are interested about music, drama, exercise and about first-aid.

Our Handicrafts Team comprises of ten women who make stitching designs in Sari, Hand bag, dresses for men and women, knitting, making ornaments through a combination of different natural plant seeds, clay and pottery (Krishhnanagar is world famous for clay work).

We have spread the above Teams to work up to 50kms radius from Krishnagar (Nadia) and some villages of south 24-parganas in West Bengal.

Our Latest Achievement

Sesh Parani(Old Age Home for Folk Artist)

One of our latest achievements is "Sesh Parani", an old age home for deprived, lonely and single veteran artists. The members of this home actively take part in cultural activities and also take care of the children of Kabita Bhawan. Moreover, they maintain the aashram and prepare handicraft items. This kind of an idea is a novel initiative in the realm of academics/ NGO in West Bengal and probably in the other parts of India.

During the last 19 years Dishari is working solely for the socio-economic development of the tribal community. All those activities are possible because of the support from our well-wishers around the world and also from the honorarium that our local artists used to get from the stage performances throughout the year. We are working on collaboration projects with local and national government.

Assram Activities (Kabita bhawan)

We got a plot of land at Radhanagar, Krishnanagar (West Benagl), India. Dishari set up "Kabita Bhawan (the Assram)" in this land. Currently we have more than 170 children from the nearby tribal areas who are associated with this ashram. In this rehabilitation centre we give them training on various folk dances, folk instruments, folk arts and crafts of Bengal. Dishari also take care of social protection of those children. We use music and dance as the tool of children therapy mainly for the socially challenged children in this area. We also take care of their regular education, health and other social needs.

Education, Music, Instrumental, Art & Craft, Cooking, gardening Game Classes.
regular health check up for students.
Educational tours.
Special music events(vareity of musical programs) and workshop(Folk music,instrumental,art & craft workshop).

Our Dream

Our dream is to educate all our children and restore our cultural heritage for a sustainable future society. Most of the artists in various cultural fields do get enough recognition and financial aid to lead a sustainable life even after their working career. But this is not happening in the case of our folk dance artists from West Bengal who had literary kept the Bengal cultural heritage at the top, through their outmost passion, dedication and perfection. In recent years the condition has worsen and many of those artists have succumbed to death just because of malnutrition. Those unfortunate incidences, gave us a new destination to reach for the development of our society.

“ We therefore request your gratitude and help in order to make our dream come true.”

We are on the Foot Step of.....

Kabita Bakshi, Late.Animesh Bakshi, Pulak Aditya, Padmini Ramachandran, Prem Matiani, Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra