This is to bring to your kind attention that our NGO,"Dishari" having Registration No. - S/1L78223 is completing 22 years in the Research & Development of Indian Folk Culture & Artists.

We have also opened our boarding school -"Kalotan", for the last two years, especially for children whose parents are folk cultural artists. The parents are unable to take care of the education and food of their wards because they are from the most backward parts of the society and are mostly working on daily wages to earn their living. The children are otherwise left on their own for the whole day. A brief introduction of the school along with its requirements is attached herewith. It is our earnest request to get the maximum possible help from your end to make sure that these children can get their right to education, food and lodging.


A project to enlighten the dreams of those who are holding to the roots of the Cultural Heritage of India.

Mission Statement

The Kalotan- school is committed to a comprehensive, culturally-centered and academically challenging educational learning program that provides each student the opportunity to discover and develop his or her unique strengths and talents academically, socially, physically, and culturally and, therefore, become a productive, contributing member within the individual's family, tribe and the world community as a whole.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Kalotan - school is to provide a safe learning environment and educational program that instills pride in the Indian Folk heritage and prepares students to live in all communities. By recognizing the importance of creating a sacred and cultural place for children, Kalotan School will provide students with the academic and social skills necessary for a productive life in modern society as well as to be the future leaders. The School also strives to provide the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual training to enable them to live lives of spiritual wholeness.