About our work in Lalded

DISHARI is working on exploration and development of Folk culture and Folk artists of West Bengal and whole India for the last 22 years. As a part of its long standing research on traditional folk songs and culture in India DISHARI is pleased to present the audio CD on songs of Lal Ded for the first time in Bengali. Lal Ded was a saint poet of Kashmir during 1320-1372 A.D. She was married at the age of 12 and left home at 24. Being completely devoted in search of the innermost self and mind, she used to roam naked disregarding the society and people. Though her philosophy was influenced by Buddhism, Sufiism and Hindu purans, she did not belong to any particular religion. She created nearly 200 songs or bakhs in old Kashmiri language. Her songs are still popular in Kashmir and considered with the highest regards.

Sound: RJ Studio (Rana Mondal)
Ulanginir Gantha, Songs of Kashmiri Saint Poet Lal Ded.One Pre-recorded Audio CD. Made in India.

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