We, at Dishari, are devoted to research on folk music and Indian classical dance forms, as well as recreation and cultivation of such traditional values. We mainly focus on spreading awareness regrading our rich cultural heritage among the young , who are often misled into understanding their sense of belonging, and left confused about their culture in the present environment of globalisation and conformist attitudes. Dishari has been fighting against all odds to preserve and develop the folk culture of West Bengal artists, and lend a friendly hand of help towards distressed women, deprived, veteran artists as well as impoverished students, who are whole-heartedly devoted to dance. Dishari works with 250 folk artists across 3 districts of West Bengal, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, covering seven art forms. We presently have 300 students under training, across our branches throughout West Bengal, Haryana and Odisha. Of these students, fees have been waived off for 80% students, 9 distressed women and dependant dancers. All our students are regular dance performers under the supervision of the academy. The names of our various units are as follows:

  • Chitrangada - Academy of Dance & Music (Our Musical Research Unit)
  • Jhumuria- our Folk Research Institute in Nadia.
  • Beshay- our Folk Research Institute in Murshidabad.
  • Kabita bhawan - Hostel (60% for tribal and 40% for others) for ST & SC students.
  • Milan Kunj- Open Air Stage.We organise our annual cultural event and many other programmes in this open air stage. Baul akhra, Rayebeshi, jhumur samabesh are few to name.
  • Akhra - Small Stage for Singing & instrumental programs.
  • Shilpa Bhawan - Training center for Art & Craft.
  • SESH PARANI- Old Age Home Folk Artists (First Time In India)
  • PARBON (National folk festival)
  • Kalotan Day Boarding School for deprived children mainly for ST/SC

Our branches have spread in major parts of West Bengal such as Asanangar & Krishhnanagar (Nadia District), Belpukur, Kakdwip & Karanjoli (South 24 Paraganas), Beldanga (Murshidabad), Haldia (Paschim Medinipur) and Kolkata(Jadavpur,Narendrapur). We are also having a branch at Gurgaon, Haryana & Odisha giving us overall student strength of more than three hundred.

Our Teachers

Dance, Singing, Instruments, Art & Craft(Pulak Aditya,Manashi Das,Jhumuriya Subhas Chakraborty,Moushumi Chatterjee,Meghnath Sardar,Prakash Bitter,Atashi Das),Education(Ananya Das,Soma Mandol & Chitra Biswas)

Our Creation(2008-2016)

Opening dance items offering prayer to gods and Goddesses through Semi-Classical Dance(Shiva Stuti, Saraswati, Durga,Kali and Ganesh Bandana).

Patabahar(A Symphony of Colors)
A story of a village girl who is educated in a city with dream to study abroad .Her dream comes true but she feels alien in an individualistic world. She could never forget traditions and folk cultures of her own country and ultimately returns home in search of her root.

Aro Ek Krishakali (Another Back Beauty)
Another krishnakali who was marginalized by the convectional eyes of the corporate society .But she never gave up the struggle against all odds and became an idol of love and aesthetics.

Madal(A Folk Drum)
A dance drama based on Bengali folklore that depicts love and responsibility in family and social life. Through the special rhythm of Madal ,it conveys the message of peace and harmony.

Aranya( Daughter of forest )
Another research work of Dishari, Especially who are dweling in forest of Bengal, in a miserable condition through trying to protect their old age traditional culture against problematic situation and heavy deforestation.

Ferey Dekha Mahalaya

Shal Tungrir kotha
The Earth
Nari-i Shakti
Majhi(The Boatman)
A ballet that reflects the life of a poor fisherman who craves for a happy urban life. His utopian dream comes to an end as he discovers a sad mother in an old age home.

Akalbodhan (An Untimely Prayer)
This dance drama narrates the story of an untimely prayer to Goddess Durga by Rama .He was even ready to sacrifice his eye in order to achieve the power to kill Ravana and rescue his wife Sita.

Ghara Dance(Pot Dance)
A special item of Dishari where artists perform Indian Classical and folk dances balancing several pots on their heads. Flames on the top signifies the holy fire. Other beautiful balancing and acrobatic performances are also presented in this presentation.

Sadharan Meye
A unique research work of Dishari. An evolution of conventional rural Bengali women to extra ordinary personality is studied through four characters based on four poems of Shyamali and Punascha which Rabindranath wrote in his 70's .Compositions over un rhymed verses , rich music and use of three major Indian classical dance forms, namely, Bharat Natyam , Kathak and Manipuri made this dance drama a pioneering one in its class.

Sing for Peace
A creative ballet that calls for the right to live in peace against all kinds of armed violence around the globe.

This dance drama based on bengali folk culture.

Essence of Bengal
Baul fakir sandha.
Achin pakhi(The varity folk song of Bengal,India).
Jhumur song by "jhumuria"(our folk research insitute) and dance by tribal artist OF Nadia District.
Raibasey by our "Beshey"(our folk research insitute) Team(murshidabad).

Secretary Voice

Manashi is the name of reckon within the field of bharathanatyam. Her Contribution to this dance form is remarkable and innumerable. She has completed her master degree in Music(sangeet Bisharad) in Bhatathanatyam from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh with first Grade under the guidance of Veteran Smt Kabita Bakshi and Smt Padmini Ramachandaran Of Tanjore. Manashi Specially learned Tagore's Dance, Folk Dance and Uday Shankar style from Pulak Aditya and Late. Animesh Bakshi and Odissi from Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra.
Manashi was awarded so many times for instance, Nupur award in 2002 for the best dancer of the year.She was awarded by the Government of Himachal pradesh for her work on Folk dance and Sangeet Natak Academy in 1999. She has 14 years of research experience on folk Dance of Bengal. She also Performed Drama Under IPTA for 4 years.
Manashi works in the song and drama Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India Since last 14 years.
She founded Dishari and Chitrangada Academy of Sance and Music, the premier institution for Indian classical dance and Folk Dance of Bengal in 1996.

( Manashi Das )
( Founder of Dishari )